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AR Camera App Yesterscape

This is the world's first app that allows you to leave photos as they were taken, as if creating a window to the past. A patent was applied in 2003, and a Hololens version was developed in 2017. Currently, it is undergoing a renewal, but a new version of Yesterscape2 is planned to be released in 2023.
→Collaboration with Kobe Newspaper

Metaverse Business Development

We are developing a new business using metaverse technology. We are currently seeking partners and investors.

AR Drone Event

We held an event that uses AR drone technology for entertainment. This technology attracted a lot of attention as a new form of entertainment.


I CHing AI

Released in July 2023. The world's first full-fledged AI I Ching divination application. An I Ching fortune-telling app that allows ChatGPT to explain and interact with fortune-telling results while taking into account the user's individual profile and challenges. Anyone can now read and interpret the profound wisdom of the I Ching.
I Ching AI

AR Calligraphy (AirGraffiti)

AR Calligraphy (AirGraffiti)

Released in 2014. The world's first AR graffiti app that allows you to write characters in space and share them. A major update is planned for 2023.

Copy Sutras with an App


We aimed for the best user experience among existing sutra-copying apps. Implemented a patented handwriting input interface. Also available for customization as a temple-specific app.Sutra Copying

Youth Zombies

A game combining adolescent delusions, story comics, and tower defense. It has received extremely high ratings primarily in Latin America.

Hours Series

Hours Time Management is a time management tool with a 10-year history as a web app. It is characterized by its simple and easy input, along with a timeline where people around the world can cheer each other on. It had more than 300,000 downloads before being discontinued in 2016. Many people continue to use it after discontinuation. It is planned for re-release in 2023.


“現実を拡張せよ AR最先端事情 ”


“Personally, I really admire this project, especially the idea of executing it here in Japan where the elderly demographic is so huge. The possibility of old people’s memories dying as they die can be thought of as a sort of cultural crisis. And I really think that governments should be on board sponsoring something like this, getting their own archives transferred into Yesterscape.”

Our Mission

"To anticipate the future and continually create new value...
At QOOQ, Inc., our aim is not just to incorporate existing technologies, but to proactively create new technologies and values that will be needed in the future. With a forward-looking perspective, we are developing products and services that only we can offer, to enrich people's lives and foster the evolution of society as a whole."

Our Values

Value 2

Creativity and Innovation

Anticipating the future and creating new value is at our core. This creativity is fundamental to all our activities, from product development to solving our clients' challenges.

Value 1

Empathy and Communication

We prioritize deeply understanding the needs and values of our clients and society, and collaboratively finding the best solutions based on that understanding.

Value 2

Fun and Playfulness

A casual and playful culture spawns creative ideas, which in turn lead to the creation of new value.

Value 2


Constant curiosity for new knowledge and perspectives is essential to anticipate the future. This curiosity becomes the soil where innovative ideas and solutions grow.

What We Do

    In addition to our own products, we assist clients in solving challenges across various fields.

  • Examples of using VR spaces that sync with real spaces (1999)
  • Patents and Trademarks (including pending): 14 cases (2003-2022)
  • Designing experiments to measure device effectiveness
  • Planning and creating custom AR apps for restaurants
  • Video streaming solutions for corporations
  • Development of household products (providing patents)
  • Planning and creating e-commerce sites for overseas markets, among other website projects
  • Design of household appliance UIs
  • Offering new business models
  • etc.

We are constantly innovating and looking for new opportunities. For all business and partnership inquiries, please feel free to contact us.


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